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Work Samples

Very High Speed Combiner

The VHS Combiner is a conveyor component that merges up to four conveyors at the infeed end into a single row of conveyor at the discharge end, The Combiner is chain-driven, and pins extending from chain links engage cross-machine tubes or slats on which product rides. A couple of excerpts of the documentation are provided.

24-Volt Conveyor

The TBC-24 conveyor is an accumulating type of conveyor that comprises independent zones. In each zone, the drive roller houses a 24-volt brushless DC motor, and the idler rollers are linked with O-rings. Up to four zones are controlled by a small programmable-logic controller (PLC), which receives control signals from photo eyes located wiihin each zone. One manual is provided.

ISEP Process

The ISEP process is an automated chemical-processing system used to remove impurities from the ethanol solution before it is added to iced tea, The process is complex and subtle, and watching the equipment operate does not give an observer a clue to what is going on chemically. The manual explains the process in great detail. An excerpt of the manual is provided.

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